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First ever device
transforms polluted air into fresh oxygen
Cartridge – gives you oxygen equal to the amount of fresh air produced by a mature tree. Choose your favorite cartridges in in either Oak, Pine or Maple leaves - based on the DNA of the trees - and easily replace it whenever you want
Nosepiece – easily adjust the nosepiece to fit your face - and no worries, it is made from non-allergenic materials
Mouthpiece – easily adjust the nosepiece to fit your face - and no worries, it is made from non-allergenic materials
Air port – collects air around you and transforms it into clean air through the cartridges
Charge Indicator – allows you to monitor cartridge without using the mobile app

How does it work

the most important part of our device is the cartridge. The airflow, when you breath through the device, goes through the block composition of the cartridge. The block consists of individual types of modules, cleaning the air in a so-called passive and active process.

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Stainless steel

Treepex’ solid stainless steel materials guarantee a durable user-experience. Its production materials are 100% recyclable and do not harm our planet.

Wireless charging

No need to part with your Treepex device for more than 30 minutes with our cutting edge wireless charging technology. Charge your Treepex for 24 hours of refreshingly clean air.

Mobile App

Treepex is easily synchronized with your smartphone (iOs and Android). The app allows you to monitor current status of the device, e.g., battery level or cartridge status and type.

Water Proof

Treepex is not afraid of water and neither should you! Your device will withstand severe rain and extreme humidity without any problem.

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